Search for Gender Based Differences In Alzheimer’s Disease

Thank You for Participating in the 2013 Geoffrey Beene Global NeuroDiscovery Challenge!

Enrico Glaab-profileCongratulations to Luxembourg researcher Enrico Glaab, Ph.D., who yesterday won the $50,000 Geoffrey Beene Global NeuroDiscovery Challenge for research proposals on gender differences in Alzheimer’s disease. Glaab, of the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine at the University of Luxembourg, will examine whether certain genes are expressed differently in men and women, and whether one gene (USP9Y) may be protective in men, explaining the increased risks for Alzheimer’s disease in women.

Quackenbush-Kimberly Glass-profile

Sanofi Pharmaceuticals also announced a $50,000 award for the second place entry, by John Quackenbush, Ph.D., and Kimberly Glass, Ph.D., of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at the Harvard School of Public Health. Quackenbush and Glass will examine gender differences in cellular networks, and hope to expand technology they have developed to better predict sex-based differences in Alzheimer’s disease.

The online voting for the award was presented by the 21st Century BrainTrust™ founding partners to increase awareness about research into biologic sex differences between men and women in Alzheimer’s disease:  BrightFocus Foundation, Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer’s Initiative, and USAgainstAlzheimers(USA2).

Last week, you and thousands of other participants cast nearly 6,300 votes, demonstrating a powerful reminder of the need for a better understanding of gender-based differences in Alzheimer’s diagnosis and treatment. Thank you for making the Geoffrey Beene 2013 Global NeuroDiscovery Challenge a success, and for being part of the movement to end Alzheimer’s disease!